erika bach - demetri vlass
1992 - 2000+
hard candy
the band
Distributor in Greece - Hitch Hyke Records
Distributor in Australia - Mushroom Distribution Services
Mushroom Music Publishing Catalogue 1992 - 1997
Independent alternative pop/rock band of the '90's, hard candy, originally from melbourne australis, now living on a greek island called Ithaca and recording as lola demo (Erika Bach now relocated to Ithaca Greece) & headcharge (Demetri Vlass)
(C) hard candy 1992 - 2011 all rights reserved
. hard candy, Athens Greece Feb 2006. Pics Here
. Hard Candy on YouTube - Click Here
. https://www.youtube.com/user/hardcandymelb
- electronic music by Erika Bach and Barry Snaith

LINKS - www.lolademo-music.com www.headcharge-music.com www.youtube.com/lolademo www.myspace.com/hardcandymelbourne www.youtube.com/hardcandyau www.youtube.com/dvlass

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